MIS Historical Demand

The average demand shows 2.3% growth over 2021 demand, which is consistent with the normal-high temperature profile in 2022. Peak demand grew by about 2.4% to 6,628MW and the average demand increased to 4,062MW (corresponding to 35.6TWh of energy).

DPS Historical Demand

Average electricity demand in 2022 is higher than 2021 by 8.7%. The average demand increased to 414 MW (corresponding to 3.6TWh) in 2022. Peak demand increases by 13.9% to 612 MW when compared against the 2021 peak demand. PWP notes that the increase in demand is likely due to a combination of factors including oil price, world recovery from Covid-19, and tourism recovery as restrains on travel and entry to Dhofar region were lifted during Kharif period.