Talent Management

At PWP we take pride in our talent development strategies designed to foster professional growth by providing mentorship, coaching, skill-building opportunities, and individual development plans. This strategy exemplifies our commitment to cultivating and maximizing the potential of our exceptional talents, ensuring a dynamic and empowered workforce and retention of our employees.


Employee Wellbeing

We prioritize employee well-being through our Wellbeing Committee “Be well”, which is working to provide initiatives for wellness programs and mental health support. This commitment ensures that our team thrives both personally and professionally, creating a workplace where everyone can flourish.


Graduate Development Program (GDP)

PWP has successfully established an internal graduate program for over a decade now. The program is designed to develop the required skills within a particular time as the Graduates undergo a comprehensive program. The program provides the graduates with real job experience to improve their technical capabilities and competencies.


Internship Program

At PWP, we are committed to nurturing the next generation in the Power sector. PWP’s Internship Programme provides an enriching experience to the interns and ensures not only well-versed in theoretical knowledge but also adept at navigating the challenges of the industry.

Our Internship Programme helps the interns to engage with live projects, fostering a conducive environment for the application and enhancement of academic knowledge.

100% Omanisation
Gender: Male 59 % and Female 41 %