Planning & Economics

Planning & Economics:

The Planning and Economics (PE) department is responsible for developing plans that assure adequate power generation and water desalination resources to meet demand, and for developing methods and policies to assure economic resource procurement. The PE department prepares a number of forecasts that support planning and operations, such as demand forecasts, budget forecasts, and gas requirements forecasts. The PE department also prepares the annual 7-Year Statement, and Bulk Supply Tariffs for Electricity and Water.

Bulk Supply Tariff:

OPWP sells electricity to licensed electricity suppliers (the electricity distribution companies), and sells water to water departments under the bulk supply agreements. OPWP determines Bulk Supply Tariffs for Electricity and Water annually, following the principles set forth in its license and as approved by the Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman.

7 Year Statement:

The 7-Year Statement provides a 7-year outlook of the demand for electricity and desalinated water, the power generation and desalination resources required to meet those demands, procurement activities, and fuel requirements. The 7-Year Statement focuses on OPWP supply areas including the Main Interconnected System, Dhofar Power System, Musandam and Ad Duqm.